Energy performance certificate

The Royal Decree on Energy Performance was approved on 5th April 2013 (R.D. 235/2013), and it has been in force since the 1st June 2013, requiring owners of real state property to obtain the corresponding certificate prior to conducting any sale or renting transaction.

By means of such certificate, it is intended to get to know the energy performance of an immovable property, and thus be able to suggest any measures that could improve its efficiency in terms of a lower use of energy sources (electricity, water, gaz, etc), thus collaborating in the reduction of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. This will result in the creation of an energy efficiency label as a common hallmark on the entire national territory.

According to the Royal Decree, this requirement is mandatory for all immovable properties, establishments or existing buildings that are advertised or offered to be sold of rented (some exceptions are set up as regards minor public buildings, historic monuments, etc.).

NO building may be sold or rented without the energy certificate provided by the owner and included in the documentation of the property.

The obligation to get the energy certificate lies on the seller who must display the Energy Label next to any advertising of the sale or rental of the property.

In cases of purchase-sale contracts, the seller will be obliged to hand over the original certificate to the buyer.

The certificate remains valid for 10 years, thus its annual cost is very low, the potential savings obtained easily outweigh the cost of the certificate. Nom-compliance with this requirement could be fined up to Euros 600.000, depending on the severity of non-compliance. The Regional Administration will carry out inspections and can impose sanctions for non-compliance, fraud or falsification of documents.

GEO FER, has qualified experts and the necessary resources for the issuing of certificates with the best possible veracity and reliability.

The procedure to issue the energy certificate is a complex task, which mainly requires:

  • One or two inspection visits to the property to be certified

  • The use of specific tools to make technical calculations

  • Drawing up of the map of the property

  • Collection of administrative and cadastral data of the property, the materials used, facades and envelopes

  • Obtaining shadows (Own and remote obstacles)

The calculation of the energy efficiency of the property is carried out by qualified staff with specific training on this matter

All the above elements will be included on an individual and specific report, which will also address the following:

  • Justified quantification of the assignation of a given label (A-B-C-D-E-F-G) to the house, establishment or office studied.

  • A proposal setting up alternatives aiming to enhance the energy label of the property or to improve the energy consumption rate through a certifying report.

Three copies of such report and the energy certificate including all the abovementioned information, which will remain valid for 10 years, will be handed over to the customer.

The inspection of the house, establishment or building by a Certified Technician is crucial, this in order to properly collect the necessary information on the relevant elements that come into play in the certification and thus avoiding acceptable assignations but missing the prior calculations which could penalise your property with a less efficient label than the appropriate.

The calculations will be carried out by means of the official programs CE3 y CE3X, which are IT tools promoted by the IDEA of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and by the Ministry of Public Works and allow the making of calculations to issue the certificate of energy efficiency of an existing building.

The standard time period to deliver the energy certificate is one week, counted as of the visit of the expert.

The certificates could be endorsed provided that the owner makes a request and is prepared to support the costs of it

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