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We can also offer you all the complementary services of legal, tax or financial consultancy, in order to finalise operations in the most beneficial way for our clients

We will assist you in solving any kind of situation and special conditions in wills, inheritances or other resolutory conditions, such as cancelations, repossessions, deferred contracts, deposits and reserves, etc.

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Find the house you need | Inmobiliaria Casabella
Casabella provides you with the widest offer of properties in Valencia. We have the most extensive real-estate portfolio so that we can fulfil the most varied offer and demand needs.

We also deliver the best and most reliable professional services to meet specific situations: energy efficiency certificates, proposals, refurbishment projects and works, facility assessment, etc.

Find the house you need | Inmobiliaria Casabella
The most important thing is that you find the house you want

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